Give your attendees all the information they need—without all the paper. Apptily can enhance your event and attendee experience with a responsive app accessible from anywhere. Apptily is a custom built event app that works on all smartphones, tablets, and computers without the need to waste precious time or resources downloading. Apptily understands the needs of all events to have an affordable, eco-friendly solution to the paper program.

Reduce costs, simplify planning, interact with your attendees, and save the environment with an app from Apptily.

Custom Branding

Custom branding integrates seamlessly

No need to choose a theme or try to match colors. We'll customize your mobile app to match your existing event or organization branding so it fits right in with your current marketing.

We'll use your exact colors and include your logo and any other branding or design elements you want to add.

Favorites and Agenda Builder

Favorites List or Agenda Builder

Take your app to the next level with custom favorites lists and agendas.

For festivals and tours, attendees can create a personal list of favorite vendors or tour stops—either those they want to visit or those they liked the best.

For conferences and meetings, attendees can create their own custom schedule and quickly and easily double-check time or location info on their smartphone or tablet.

Fully Responsive

Fully responsive from mobile to desktop

We take a mobile first approach with our apps. We start by making the best possible mobile experience and then scale up. Because it works at any size, your attendees can explore your app wherever it's most convenient for them—whether that's a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or even a desktop computer.

Unlock new revenue streams with in-app sponsorship and ads.

Easily connect with your attendees through forms, surveys, and polls.

Collect valuable insights and information about your events.